Gathering Wisdom

I often speak  of the Universe and want to share what that means to me.  I tend to use the word Universe interchangeable with the word God; the belief in and presence of a  higher divine power in my life.

To me the universe is also a descriptive for not only the rich infinite expansiveness  that is around us, but that which is held within each of us; I believe there is a deep universe inside of us and whether one  was to travel through the universe of self  or the universe outside of self eventually one would discover the same origin.

On a daily basis,  I live connected to my intuition and spirit, and I strive to gain greater awareness of what exists in-between and beyond all that surrounds me; all that is part of  the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and what I touch and what touches me. I pay attention to what inspires and stirs me – mind body spirit and heart –  and makes me feel most alive. It is in this expansive state of consciousness and awareness that we gain greater access to all of who and what we are in connection and relationship to our multifaceted selves, to others, and to the multidimensional world we are part of.


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